Why Xpresso Makes the Perfect Coffice in Cape Town

by Chanté Classen

Since having an extended holiday before going back to varsity, I’ve been hopping around and exploring different coffee shops and co-working spaces around Cape Town. For many digital nomads, entrepreneurs and free-lancers, working alone sucks and is even worse if not done in a cool space – Xpresso has been one that stole my heart. It is the best coffice (oh, coffice is an amalgamation of ‘coffee shop’ and ‘office’) in Town!

Despite it being so far (if travelling from the City Centre or the South), I keep finding myself going again and again.

Here’s why…


  1. Pocket Friendly – I’ve spoken about a pocket friendly restaurant before. This is definitely another one. EVERYTHING – I MEAN… EVERYTHING – IS R10!
  2. REALLY GOOD coffee – Despite it being so cheap (R10), the quality of the coffee is still as good as an awesome cup of coffee at Mugg and Bean, for example.
  3. Freshly Baked – All edibles are freshly baked and served right there.
  4. Convenience – All edibles and drinks are supplied efficiently – no time wasted on waiting.
  5. Fast Internet – We all know that a restaurant is not complete without strong, fast and unlimited WIFI connection.
  6. Great Vibe – Xpresso has a great rustic and urban feel with cool music in the background and the sounds of footsteps walking in and out of the store.
  7. Great Lighting – There is a massive glass window which allows for amazing lighting. And we all know what amazing lighting equals… amazing photos! #Selfie.
  8. Express yourself – I was exhilarated by the name. In my opinion, the name could mean that it is a space where one could feel relaxed and ‘express yourself’… while working!
  9. Cost Efficient – You could work and eat all day for less than R100! And you won’t even need to pay for parking!
  10. And lastly, all other 9 reasons make up for the last one!


So if you’re looking for a cool space to work from, then I’d suggest you pay Xpresso in Durbanville (the one in Cape Gate is not really for working) a visit. Who knows, like me, you might just get hooked!


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