What are you waiting for?

by Guest Blogger

They say that I’m my greatest enemy
What if the problem is that I just don’t know the inner me
The advice so often given is to just start
when most times that could feel like just aimlessly throwing a dart.

So often we disqualify ourselves like trash into a bin
Be strong, courageous and get ready for action.
Too many times we fight the battle in our minds which leads to insanity
Well, it’s time we manifest ourselves and win the battle in reality.

Do not go through another day feeling like you’ve lost.
Remember, your life was worth paying for at an expensive cost.
Let’s not wait for things to fall into our lap
Instead, get out there and put yourselves on the map.

Time is moving on and waits for no one.
Rise up, put your smile on and get things done!

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