Wear your shoes with confidence

by Guest Blogger

Size 3’4’5’6’7’8? stilettos, wedge heel, sneakers or pumps? Wear your shoes with confidence SisterGirls. When first looking at this article it is clear I am talking about shoes but I am actually talking about body size and shape. Yes! You got me right. It is about time we sisters carry our bodies in confidence.

Petite looks perfect through the eyes of many but in actual fact it is not so. Think about it…petite carries challenges of it’s own. My hips are not big enough, my nose not narrow enough, my lips not thick enough and the list goes on. That is fully natural. The full figured sister might feel my hips are too big, not tall enough, not beautiful enough.

It is time sisters that we start looking at the bigger picture, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When a shoe designer puts together a shoe in their imagination they want it to be good and beautiful. She decides on the colour, size, type, and material. Once she is done working the masterpiece, she stands back and admire it. In confidence exposes it to the market, believing in her heart that it will make someone beautiful and happy. She loves to see you walk it with confidence. This too is the reality of how God creates his masterpiece, which is you SisterGirl. He too takes joy in watching you loving yourself and walking in confidence.

Confidence starts with self-love and self-love is a matter of choice. So today make a choice to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself (good and bad) and live your truth. Most importantly though stop comparing yourself to others. Embrace your uniqueness. You are beautiful just as you are. Now go on…embrace the type of shoe that you are, get comfortable in it (your skin) and walk as best as you know how.

By Guest Blogger –  Mandisa Khoza

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