Waiting Room Spirit

by Perina Chitubura

I recently spent quite a long time in a hospital waiting area and saw people with a different spirit from what I see everywhere else daily.

In the waiting room I saw a well – mannered people who would even genuinely ask random strangers how they were feeling.

It was all very odd seeing young people offering seats to the elderly and choosing to stand because normally it’s just earphones and smart phones!


After this observation I asked myself why I had only seen this behavior in the waiting area. My answer was that every other day we make the choice to be rude to others; we choose NOT to be courteous.

When we go about our everyday lives, we are opting not to care about the next person’s feelings and we are choosing insensitive words when we speak.

We all know what being polite is and we all know when are being impolite.

What a choice!

Back to reality

Outside the hospital, back to the normal world it was business as usual (no please and no thank you). No one took a second to consider who was next to them. The outside world felt a bit too cold for me.

Maybe we should spend more time in waiting room situations where our humanity is switched on and we have respect for others.

 We are all lovely people but choose not to be and then act shocked when corrected and asked to human up.

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