Together We Are More

by Guest Blogger

Good day, all queens and if you not feeling like a queen then today is your day to take back your crown. Those crowns that are on the verge of falling off or shifting a bit let it be known that you can move back into your position today.

We are in a new month and just ended the month of the ladies celebrations and all the hype of women’s month. Remember the end of women’s month does not mean that its the end of you being fabulous, no it is not that at all. It only means the end of another calendar month. For the ladies continue to shine, continue to be bold and brave. Continue to encourage each other. Be your sister’s keeper. Continue to take one another by the hand and keep lifting each other up. There’s way too many that are down, depressed and suppressed. Let share our enoughness with those that need a friend, a text, a smile.

Let’s check up on all our strong friends because at times they might be the ones bleeding in silence. We cannot afford to even be fighting amongst ourselves or avoiding each other. Let’s rather rally together and look out for one another. We must stop believing the stereotypes about who we are. We are most definitely survivors and warriors. Our strength to make it far in this world is found in a strong network of loving and powerful woman in our corner.

Do not wait for another August to send quotes and motivational text to your girlfriends. There is a pervasive narrative that women cannot get along. With all the negative images of women we ingest daily it is time that we take a bold stand and reach out to another woman, let her know you care. Let her know she is beautiful. Come on and commit to being kind to yourself, to embrace your womanhood and extend it to all who enter your circle. Much love.

Hakuna Matata!

Published by Guest Blogger – Carmen Andries

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