Today is The Day!

by Gigi Kotze

“… ‘At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you.’ Indeed, the ‘right time’ is now. Today is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6:2, NLT)

I was far from believing that I had worth, until I met Him… Him being my Faithful Lover, Jesus Christ.  He began to show me the worth in me when I really thought that I had none.  I was in a lifestyle that consumed me – a filthy gutter filled with regrets, lost dreams and false hope – it seemed like there was no future dream anymore. 

One evening, while I was at a friend’s house, our same routine of drinks and dancing began.  I can barely remember anything of that night except that I almost gave up my purity to a random man that I didn’t know at all. By the grace of God, his mom walked in the room and stopped us. In my parents’ eyes, I was this little angel who could never do anything wrong, and I really didn’t want them to be hurt by my careless actions.

I wore a huge cloak of shame for many days after that, and I cried myself to sleep every night for about a week. One evening, as I lay in bed, I couldn’t bear the pain and shame of what I had done anymore. I cried out to God in desperation, and as the tears rolled down my cheeks and hit the pillow, I whispered, “Lord, if you are real, as I have been learning in my youth group, save me from this and I promise I will live for You!”

I know that God’s salvation comes without a condition and it is a free gift and He does not need our promises… but this was the cry of my heart that evening, a desperate plea from the heart of a broken girl. I awoke the next morning with a new sense of strength and boldness – I was going to take full responsibility for my actions. I phoned the lady who had kept on threatening me to apologise for what I had done, but all she wanted to do was fight with me. After this call, I never heard from her again. I ran directly to my mom, and with my eyes filled with tears, I began to tell her everything that had happened, and the lifestyle I was leading. She looked up at me, and with a soft, gentle smile, she said, “Don’t feel unworthy or think less of yourself – we all make mistakes.” I was expecting an angry, condemning mother, but instead I got words of comfort and love. I realised that this could only have been from God. 

He saved me that day and I promised to live for Him every day of my life after that. Every morning since then, I have woken up with a sense of hope and purpose in Christ, knowing that He loves me and that I am forgiven. 

God hears our cries at just the right time and acts on our behalf. We serve a great God!

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