To be or not to be!

by Guest Blogger

To be or not to be!

Ever been involved with people or a person (be it friends or boyfriends) that’s just expecting us to be “THAT” person they prefer you to be?

You eventually find yourself just being “THAT” person because you want to keep them happy or pleased with you.
At any age or stage of our lives we’re still a “people pleaser”; sometimes out of the fear of rejection and often place our needs second best which can turn into a vicious cycle.

We meet new people, we bond, we fall in love, we get married, we aim to please people and in the mean time we lose ourselves to the point where it’s too late to turn back because so many have been hurt in the process. Thus, we’re losing ourselves in the interim, often ignoring the warning signs like neglecting ourselves, leading to stress and depression and being taken advantage of.

We deserve to take care of yourselves, it’s nothing to ever feel guilty about!

“Don’t be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself trying not to lose someone else”

My point of view… live, let it be and follow the principles and morals taught so wisely by parents, guardians, peers and mentors…after all, there’s good reason why we were placed in their paths and they in ours!

Your Fellow SisterGirl Chantal Deidre’

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