The Secret to Happiness

by Guest Blogger

I once said: “Sometimes the thing that scares us the most, can be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to us”. It’s all about taking chances and believing that they are worth the risk. That’s living- giving your all, putting in effort and loving unconditionally. And even if all else fails not living with the regret of “what if?”

One of the most crucial life lessons is coming to the realisation that you are in charge of your own happiness. Let’s be honest, any form of responsibility, whether related to ourselves or others is a daunting task. Defining happiness is the easy part, but to actually encompass the feeling is something entirely different.

A key concept I’ve come to recognise is that life is confusing- not all days make sense. However, what we sometimes fail to realise is that sense can be made through the confusion. Perhaps the confusion is a way of teaching us to look beyond the surface level. What if this confusion is in fact a life lesson that tests our ability to withstand and remain strong within the world?

This brings me to an important point: happiness is a choice. We can choose who and what affects us. Once we reach this level of self- realisation the opportunities are endless. Make each day count with smiles, laughter and love. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first. Your needs and wants are important- you should never feel guilty for making that known. Remain grounded within yourself and be confident within your decisions to ensure certainty throughout your life.

Always Remember the following:

  1. There is only one of you
  2. You are unique
  3. You are special
  4. You are beautiful
  5. Lastly, you are loved.

One of my favourite things to say:

Be the best YOU that you can possibly be.


Love Tayla Page, your fellow SisterGirl

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