The person within

by Perina Chitubura

In most social settings, people forget to consider the person within and end up judging others harshly or taking advantage of someone because of the way they are.

A lovely person can also get irritated and angry

I know of people who have had to tolerate a lot of nonsensical behavior from family and friends because they are perceived as nice. What others forget is that, being a nice person doesn’t mean you don’t get irritated. Nice people get annoyed too, they probably won’t express it openly but deep down sometimes they want a bit of a break.

Even the strongest person also has fears

Some tough people are that way because they are trying to hide certain fears. Expressions of love or warmth are regarded as weakness; therefore most stoic people can never express any positive emotions that they might feel. If one gets close enough to such an individual, they will realize that they have certain fears that they don’t want the world to find out about. Maybe instead of alienating such individuals we should try to be-friend them and get them to open up 🙂

The happiest of people have problems too.

Many people who are bubbly and are always making others laugh usually have huge problems that they are dealing with. They will cover up their sorrows by chatting the day away, meanwhile fighting great battles.

We can never really know what the person within is feeling or dealing with, which is why it is important to share a smile, a hug or a hello always.

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