Taking care of me

by Shanal Govender

Do we really take care of ourselves? It seems obvious that we do, but do we really?

Let’s look more into the word “care”. It’s more than just making sure we’re physically healthy, we should be emotionally healthy too. Now emotional health is a tricky thing because more often than not it’s about others. We’re sad because of something someone did or we’re happy because of something someone did. We start basing our core emotions on other people!

It’s important to have people in your life and to have love in your life but it’s essential that we always remain in control of us. Relationships are a beautiful add on to our program but we can still function without them. We always need to put ourselves first and make sure we aren’t suppressing ourselves or our feelings because we’re worried how someone else might react or because we have to be there for them. You can only give to others when you’ve given enough to yourself and if you’re the best version of you.

So make sure you care take of you, all of you!

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