Sparks of Life

by Veruna Padayachee

Your burning excitement, high in the cosmos.
Wish upon a star, so the old tale goes.
God, an angel, a soul or love…what exactly are you?
I don’t know the reason behind this constant season of only believing and wishing upon you.
The one whom I turn to when I have no one but you.
Burning gas representing the light and the fires of these eyes, these eyes that chose you to look to.
For some you inspire and to some you are a reminder…
Of a time, a feeling, a moment that one does not want to remember.
Maybe it is your extraterrestrial tendencies
that conjure up spells to explore life’s complexities.
To ask the questions I’ve never known.
To answering those questions on my own.
“Cast a wish and believe”, probably an unconventional basis.
But its what keeps me building this unconventional oasis.

To me and to most, the sky works wonders especially at night when feelings start to linger and your mind starts to ponder. We look up to those stars and talk to them. From a very young age for some and during the very latter moments for others or maybe somewhere in between we begin to have faith in this cosmic entity, maybe due to the reasons such as our own spark being dulled down, we need that extra spark from above to reflect our light that has always been bright.

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