Sorry is a sorry word

by Perina Chitubura
Be Intentional

Are you at that point in life where the phrase “I am sorry” has lost meaning because someone has said it too many times and yet kept hurting you?

When wronged for the first time, it is human nature to believe that you are getting a genuine apology. The second or third time an apology comes your way over the same thing, you start to doubt if the apology is real.

Automatically you start to ask why they keep doing the same thing if they are really apologetic. This will lead to loss of trust and before you know it a relationship is ruined.


Actions do speak louder than words, so if someone keeps doing the same thing over and over again it simply means they are not sorry enough no matter how many times they claim they are. People who apologize for the sake of apologizing waste your time and drain your energy.

 The words “I am sorry” mean they realize what they did is wrong; these words carry the silent message that they won’t do it again which is why it hurts even more when someone does the same thing again.

Mean it

Life is too short to spend around time wasters.  If someone is wrong, they must apologize only if they mean it – it’s only fair to the next person. Otherwise they shouldn’t bother apologizing and giving the next person false hope that they will change.

It’s a privilege to be allowed into someone’s life either as a close friend or spouse and we must take care not to abuse their trust. Everyone should enjoy life to the fullest and work on being genuine and thoughtful.

Let’s focus on creating more meaningful relationships, go forward instead of back and forth.

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