Smaller Circles

by Perina Chitubura

The two friends bump into each other in the town center. Anyone can see that they are so happy to see each other, and try to catch up as much as they can in the few minutes they have. They laugh, cry, hug, compliment on each other’s outfit and exchange contact details but never actually get in touch.

They lost touch so much that they don’t remember each other’s birthday. Neither one knows where the other one works or even their address.

Sound familiar? I’m sure if it does and it’s nothing to feel bad about.

As you grow older you acquire new tastes and venture into new territories and outgrow certain people in your circles.

You get attracted to people who share the same intellect as you and your childhood friends find the same elsewhere, therefore rifts are bound to form. Some people might try to keep in touch but it gets to a stage where you realize you and your old pals simply have nothing in common anymore and you simply let go.

Upon this realization you aim to keep a smaller and more meaningful circle, one that includes friends who will come through for you at all times. This circle should have people with whom you purely enjoy spending time. People you will actually call to come and laugh or cry with you. Who won’t judge your decisions but who will support and respect whatever you want to do in/with your lives.

A smaller and meaningful circle, less people in your phone contact list and fewer Facebook friends – it’s all still acceptable; quality over quantity right?

What’s the point of being friends with everyone but without any real essence in all these friendships?

Make the circle smaller and fill it with essence and real love.

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