Single Mommas

by Perina Chitubura

It is Women’s Month and I thought I would celebrate some of the strongest women I know. They are tackling parenting all on their own. Many couples struggle with parenting and seek advice from experts; but these women don’t even have spouses to share their burdens with.

I am referring to single mothers in my immediate world. All of you know at least one single mother close to you and will agree that they don’t have it easy.

Let me just make it clear that I am not ignoring the single fathers out there; I am simply celebrating single mothers this time around.


Do you remember your most recent break-up and how painful it was and how you wanted nothing to do with anyone? While busy dealing with the hurt that comes with divorces, separations or break ups, single mothers have to put their heads up and assure their children that everything is still okay. They have to hide their fears and tears from their own kids and be strong no matter how tough the going gets.


Society harshly judges their parenting skills without understanding that they have to play the role of both father and mother. In most cases kids spend more time in day care centres or with friends and family while the mothers work extra hard to provide for them. Children’s needs are the same across the board and single mothers have a hard time providing for their kids and making sure they don’t feel the absence of the father figure.

Some of them have to work in remote areas and will only see their children once in a while. They get to miss out on their children’s whole lives. Some of the children will actually get angry at their mothers for never being around and they forget that they are away for the sole reason of providing for them.


I salute all the single mothers in the world for overcoming all their pain and fear. They are our super women and deserve recognition 24/7. This women’s month let’s make it a point to appreciate these sisters.

Keep on keeping on single mommas!

By Guest Blogger: Perina Chitubura 

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