Show you the best of you

by Shanal Govender

We all feel alone at some point in our life. We want attention and we want someone to notice, yet no matter how many people do notice we still feel like something is missing. I think this is because of how we see ourselves. Each person on earth sees every other person differently, based on their experiences and likewise people will see us differently from how we ourselves see us. Sound like a mouthful? Okay let me break it down.

To ourselves we are the most important person, now I know some people may disagree but I’m not talking about love here, I’m simply saying that we’ve been on every experience with ourself and will continue to be till the end. Everything we know about anyone or anything is based on their or its relationship to us. We want people to make time for us, we spend hours wondering why they aren’t thinking of us or texting us or talking to us. But we fail to realise they are the most important person to them. They have experiences to live either by themselves or with others and when it comes to a time they can spend with you then embrace that fully, then move on to the next moment in your glorious life. If we’re spending most of our time pining for a certain person or just attention from people then not only will we feel lonely but we’d wake up one day and realise we missed out on a lot that we could have been doing. We especially get it wrong when we think of a certain person so much that we start blaming them for not thinking of us. Instead, try to remember why you wanted that person in your life in the first place. You wanted them because of who they are and not who you wanted them to be.

So once we come to this realisation, we recognise that we have a beautiful, charming person looking back at us from the mirror. Someone that not only wants to spend time with us but would never let us down. Someone that wouldn’t miss an appointment.

Perhaps the next time you feel lonely, you should look within and try to understand what aspects of yourself you don’t like and why you wouldn’t want to be spending time with yourself. Self reflection isn’t something that should only be done after we’ve had that mid or quarter life crisis, it can also help prevent those things and help us love ourselves.

I can say from personal experience that having a good relationship with yourself only heightens your bond with others. Let’s start living in a world where we can be honest with ourselves and everyone else too.

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