Shhhh….I don’t think so

by Perina

You want to silence me because you feel threatened by the power of my voice
You are scared of the strength of my reasoning.
You wish not to hear me speak because you think that will make us equals.
Newsflash- you are delusional, for we will never be equals and you won’t silence my mind.
I will not move my lips but my mind will keep working; it’s my strength.
I will keep quiet – just for today. I will keep quiet and let you think you’ve won.
The day will come when my mind will refuse to be suppressed and my voice will refuse to listen to yours.
Today I will not speak, but my momentary silence will turn on you, for it’s only making my voice stronger.
So yeah when you say “Shhhhh,” my mind smiles and quietly replies, “I don’t think so.”

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