Remove Fear and Become Fierce

by Chanté Classen

SisterGirl, there is no one who can represent God to this earth the way you can!

F(ear) comes by false h(ear)ing. Remove the f(ear) which continuously causes you to stumble and divulge the fierceness inhabited by God.

I have learned that so often we allow ourselves to have self-doubt because of what the ear hears. We have all these wonderful ideas and plans but it never comes into fruition because of our fear. We lack the effort to accomplish the things we ought to because of our self-doubt. It is by time that we start listening to the call from our h(ear)ts!

It is interesting to note the word ‘ear’ in all of these words – hear, heart & fear. There has to be something about the ear which is the organ that allows us to LISTEN. In James 1:19 we read that it says, “understand this…you must all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger”.

But let me remind you, in 1 John 4:18 it states that “but perfect love drives out all fear”.

Allow yourself to be emerged in His Perfect Love so that your fear can be driven out and you can become that Fierce woman (or man) you ought to be!!!

In the kingdom of God, there is no competition for you. As stated by Lisa Bevere in her book Without Rival, in God’s heart there is nothing that can displace you or diminish you because He loves you without rival and the truth is that we serve a God who is without rival!

And if He is without rival, we are without rival. Therefore, we can be FIER-CE and FEAR-LESS in Him!

The truth is that you will never know who you are until you know who He is! And knowing who He is will make you understand that you are LOVED, KNOWN and therefore you can be FIERCE!

Don’t just stand on a rock, admiring those doing ‘great things’; live IN the ROCK and DO GREAT THINGS YOURSELF!

Through perfect LOVE, remove Fear and become Fierce!

Flourish in being fierce!


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