Release The Clutch

by Chanté Classen

Here’s a Quick catch-up ‘sesh’. In the time that I’ve been AWOL (oh, that means Absent Without Leave… for those who never take leave J) I’ve learned quite a bit, met the loveliest of people and achieved certain things I’ve BEEN wanting; I’ve been to Zambia to be equipped as to how to better reach my campus with the Gospel, I’ve met more than 100 people from 35 different countries (in the space of 5 days while in Zambia), I turned 21 (Legal eagle… Whoop-whoop!!) and I’ve also achieved my Driver’s Licence – first time around! Another whoop-whoop! (I just had to throw that in there!… forgive me LOL).

On acquiring this great achievement, I have since been car-crazed! Okay, no… I actually always had a thing for cars! (weird, I know… but let a girl be. Thanks! Lol). In my head, I always believed that I’ll be a Formula 1 Racer… someday.  But in order for that to happen, I would need to…

Release The Clutch!

Yes… we’re speaking about cars 🙂

I’ve learned that in order to move forward, one has to release the clutch. That applies to driving an actual vehicle, as well as in life. Many a times, we keep in clutch when driving because somehow it ‘feels safer’. Keeping in clutch is the security of not stalling, and sometimes we hold on to things because of the fear of not falling… or stalling. Release that clutch, dear. If it’s not released, eventually it will burn out.

The only assurance of stalling is having no clutch control. Practice. Practice. Practice. I see stalling as a form of ‘failure’ (not with a very negative connotation though). I remember when I just started to drive, I stalled ALL THE TIME… gosh… I thought I’d NEVER be able to get the hang of it. Eventually, I did. Likewise – with anything we keep practicing. If one stalls, one just has to restart the vehicle and go again! Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Once one starts to release the clutch and accelerate a bit, one slowly starts to gain momentum (given that the vehicle doesn’t stall, of course lol). No matter how much energy is invested into something (how much fuel is applied), movement can only occur once the clutch is released.

So if you’re still finding yourself ‘Stuck-in-the-Mud’ then try to remember:

  1. To slowly start releasing the clutch (DECIDE to get out of the comfort-zone)
  2. Then apply some fuel (Get the creative juices flowing)
  3. Gain momentum (Plot and plan those goals)
  4. Once momentum is gained, go at full speed (EXECUTE!!!) and…
  5. Enjoy this Race called Life!
  6. Remember, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL!…YOU control the car; the car does not control you!

PS. Girls CAN DRIVE! 😉

So SisterGirls, let’s quit PLAYING and let this be the year of SLAYING!




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