Only half living

by Veruna Padayachee

The ice was so cold
Her soul turned cold.
When she tried to warm it
The pain would just hit.
She’s cold because she hurts, a silent chill lurks.
She’s tired of feeling, feeling so much love for someone who won’t bother.
She asked herself, why do these emotions hover?
The ice cold frost engulfed her soul.
The only light left is the moon she looks up to for hope, it covered the holes in her soul.
Nothing could make her whole.
She needed a part of someone else, to patch up her lonely half……..
She never needed another half. Just her own love to bring out the hidden half.

In conjunction with the theme of loving yourself is the notion of being loved. The reasons to love one’s self should not stem from the need to have another half to love you. You may feel incomplete and it’s okay to feel that way, however feeling whole again requires yourself and your own love. Love you first!

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