“No Offence”

by Guest Blogger

No offence. What does that even mean?

It makes me want to scream.

A fence. Defence. Offence.

We all have walls.

And just as many flaws

A fence. Offence. Defence.

But only when I’m tense

And may need a new lens.

A fence. Defence. Offence.

Why do we need to defend?

We won’t bend,

We won’t break

There’s that fence again.

It’s a cycle. It’s insane.

Maybe it’s the daddy issues

Maybe it’s the new shoes.

Maybe it’s a complex

Maybe it’s too complex.

A fence. Defence. Offence.

What’s with the white picket fence?

Is it all a pretence?

A fence. Defence. Offence.

Dig deeper.

Dig to the root of that fence.

Take the whole thing down.

It’s okay.

It will all make sense.

Photo by: @iamhendrik

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