Love Yourself

by Veruna Padayachee

Can we ever? Could we ever?

We doubt ourselves on those terms. I think we need to understand how we arrived here, we arrived here as one soul and one alone in ONE body – our first interaction is with ourselves. Our first love is ourselves, how can we share love with someone if we haven’t gained it for ourselves. The map of the soul is an inward journey, our minds guide us and our hearts are the mechanisms that manoeuvre us by following directions of the map interpreted by our minds, the fuel we need to MOVE inward is love…your own love.

So if you ever doubt love, know that it’s the fuel that keeps you going everyday, you may be unaware of it but it’s the most beautiful thing you have and the first person you enjoy it with is always yourself. We are always connected but ironically the only way to deepen the connections you have with others is to deepen the connection with yourself….how?…LOVE!

It’s a simple word  but the most important, the word with no factual definition or description. The sometimes unexplainable, the sometimes utmost important. So simply all you need my fellow sisters is start with this simple phase, “love yourself” and the let journey in full glory bring you light along with its rewards.

Inspired by BTS album titles “love yourself” and “Map of the soul-persona”

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