It’s Sorbet-zing!

by Chanté Classen


Today, in SisterGirl-Land, it’s #NailArtWednesdays 😊

Let’s face it, we’re girls and we loove girly things!

In a previous post – Dr Rescue to the Rescue – I spoke about my love for lip-stuff. But what you, SisterGirls, may not have known is that I have a fetish (wait… it’s actually an obsession, but I’m trying to not sound obsessed lol) with nail polish and nail art!

So yesterday, I was gifted with the most precious gifts from my wonderful significant other – a bunch of Sunflowers and a collection of sixteen nail polishes from Sorbet.


It’s packaged so wonderfully, with all the shades of colours on the box. Each bottle of nail polish is individually packed in its own compartment. The name of the colour of the nail polish is on the container and also at the bottle of each nail polish bottle. The sixteen assorted colours are:

  1. Pink twice
  2. Just peachy
  3. Blush
  4. Sugar High
  5. Hey There Delilac
  6. Pink Cheeks
  7. Winter Whisper
  8. Vanilla Ice
  9. Teacher’s Pet
  10. Mink Lady
  11. Cool Calm & Collected
  12. Hot Pink
  13. Floral Coral
  14. Hot Moss
  15. Flash the Fireman
  16. Black Kitty

It literally makes you wanna say:

Hey There Delilac, let’s Pink Twice about this Sugar High. We wouldn’t wanna Flash the Fireman with these Floral Coral, Hot Pink and Hot Moss hews. Let’s stay Cool, Calm and Collected while we behave like a Teacher’s Pet with a Blush of Pink Cheeks. Let’s Winter Whisper about Vanilla Ice and our new cute, Black Kitty! But for now, Just Peachy while we impersonate the Mink Lady, this Summer!  😉  (ps. A random story about summer I made up using these 16 shades… it even gives you inspiration to be a storyteller too lol!)

These cute, funky and catchy names make these assorted colours so much more exciting. And when you see these colours in person and on your nails, you literally can see the meaning of its name. It makes one feel colourful, bliss and rainbowlike!

For all these 16 Shades of Summer, it is only R299,99. And they’re from Sorbet so the quality is AMAZING! Although it is 5ml bottles, you need only to apply two coats to feel your coat of summer bliss! 😊 additionally, you get a R75 OFF voucher included when you purchase your nail colour collection!

So, head down to Sorbet or any Clicks Store to… Get That Feeling! 😊




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