It’s Never That Serious

by Chanté Classen

Be intentional, but not too serious. Be humorous but don’t be a clown. Or wait, be a clown – it’s okay. Make jokes; laugh at yourself. Be light and easy!

IT’S NEVER THAT SERIOUS. That is my personal philosophy.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, there are things in this world that cringe my insides and life IS DEFINITELY  a serious phenomenon. But, anger, stress and worrying is a choice (I believe)! :). Not too long ago I turned 21, all excited and amped for the big bash – something that traditionally is “supposed” to happen. Unfortunately, it did not transpire. However, one thing I’ve learned from this disappointing experience is that It’s Never That Serious. Sometimes we make a mountain out of a mole heap – it’s so unnecessary.

For example: we plan extravagant sweet 16, 21st or 50th bashes, then when it’s all over you (might) sit with debt and cleaning up to do – your guests eat all the food (sometimes carry them away too lol) and years later nobody recalls your ‘special day’. On the road, another driver bursts-in in front of you; you blow a gasket because they ALMOST bumped your vehicle – it’s material things and you’ll probably never see that ‘crappy driver’ again… allow them to have the space in front of you – you WILL get to your destination too, I promise :).

I have learned that we are bonkers humans, engrossed in a world of emotions. But do not let your emotions control you; be stoic. As a stoic you realise that not everything is in your control; you can only do the best that you can do. Whatever happens, happens. Alan Knott-Craig once said, “you will be affected by your emotions, but by employing the virtues of courage and self-discipline, you will not be ‘carried away’ by your feelings”.

So if your day is not going according to plan or if you are worrying or stressing about certain things, just remember and be encouraged by this…

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose – Romans 8:28


It’s Never That Serious! 🙂

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