I see the Sunrise

by Chanell Classen

What is the first word that pops in your mind when you hear the word “sunrise”?

Mine would have to be AMY-ZING!

Amy is amazing and she (z)sings! Amy Jones is a true gem, my dear friend and SisterGirl. She’s got hair that will light up your life and a smile that forces you to smile. Apart from her beauty, she’s also got a heart of gold and is gifted with a song-writing brain.

You do not want to miss out on her debut single called Sunrise. It is a  MUST-LISTEN and I promise that you will find your head and shoulders moving to the beat!

Click here to find out the heart behind Sunrise.

And if you’re as in love with it as we are, feel free to purchase her single on iTunes or PlayStore (for us Android-users).

All about hair and the friendship was there!

Amy and I met in 2013, and became good friends after simply complimenting each other on our hair. You never know what beautiful friendships can blossom from just sharing love with the next person. If you like something about somebody, tell them! What’s the worst that could happen? Well, they could think that you’re weird and give you a dirty look but then you just repeat yourself (with a smile) or you hug them! Lol

And now, in light of sharing love and happiness…

Today, I dare you to give ONE person a compliment or even just smile at them! You have no idea how much you can brighten the next person’s day with your smile.

Now why are you still staring at your screen?

Go! Be nice to somebody and see the Sunrise!

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