I love, hate you

by Shanal Govender

For most of us, when we hear the word relationships, our minds drift to happy memories and blissful thoughts of lovers, friends and family. It’s so easy to compliment the ones we love and it’s natural for them to bring a smile to our faces.

Then we have other relationships which may make us want to pull our hair out, although we don’t really see them as relationships, more like forced unions. These people are often related to our workplace, educational institute or the dreaded in-laws.

The more we try to minimise the contact with them, the more they seem to crop up. So perhaps it’s important for us to analyse why they’re actually there, and no it’s not just to ruin our lives… You see as much as our hearts get opened by the ones we love, I believe our mind and soul grows due to the ones we dislike. They may actually shape the person that we become more than anyone else.

So even though certain people can be frustrating sometimes (all the time), I believe it’s in our best interest to appreciate them. Be thankful that their challenges made you into the beautiful, smart and amazing person you are right now. It also comes with the added benefit of letting go of any anger, and let’s face it, the only person that our anger destroys is ourselves.

Love the ones you love and love the ones you hate, after all love and hate are just different ends of the same wavelength.

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