I cry…

by Perina Chitubura

She says she’s done with him. He asks if she’s 100% sure, she says she knows when she wants out. So he leaves her alone and stops treating her like his queen – he respects her wishes.

But she has made a rash decision, she’s missing him and now she cries.

“I cry because it hurts and I made it this way,

I cry because you are cold and I made you so,

I cry because you’re now cold and I’ve known your warmth so I know what I’m missing,

I cry because I’m now alone and I’ve known us so I know what I’ve lost,

I cry because I am afraid I’ve failed us,

I cry because I can’t hear you when you speak and vice versa,

I cry because things can’t be fixed and all we have now is my lonely self.”

He’s now moved on, it’s too late and nothing will change; no matter how much she cries.

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