Hashtag Goals

by Chanell Classen

Couple goals? Friendship goals? Squad goals? Many of us have different perceptions of “#goals” and that’s okay, as long as it will lead to your happiness and success – only you know what that means to you.

I am currently on holiday and as the pedantic, (sometimes) control freak that I am, I write lists of things to do. These lists were written while studying for my final 4th year exam #ProcrastinationStation

And so I planned to:

  1. Bag a 21km race for 2016
  2. Save R3000 by December
  3. Finish The Road Less Travelled novel by M. Scott Peck
  4. Complete the 12-week Kayla Bikini Body Plan


 Crrr… Crrr…

I haven’t completed any of those! BUT it is STILL 2016 and I am STILL working on them! I have decided not to beat myself up about it. Baby steps… That’s all any process requires.

Now what now?

I have accepted that I am definitely not ready for any 21km run so, instead, I am settling for another 10km (that’s so 2015… but anyway it’s a run either way) PLUS one 15km run (which I haven’t done before). Anybody keen on joining me?

Regarding my savings… Chad (the boyfriend) says that I am a spend-thrift and that’s why I struggle to save – lol. But I am a girl and I love shoes – bite me! So, to tackle this goal, I will be opening a new savings account where I don’t have to physically go into the bank to deposit money and where I can actually deposit at an ATM (this is my legit excuse for not reaching my savings goal…just BTW). Once opening that account, I will then start saving for that trip to satisfy my wanderlust!

Thus far, I have completed 7 weeks of Kayla and therefore only have 5 more weeks left to complete…Oh goodness!! I just realised that there are exactly 5 more weeks left of the year, so Week 8 of Kayla definitely starts on Monday! Can you believe that there are only FIVE weeks left??

And as for The Road Less Travelled, I will travel THAT long road slow and steadily.  So even if I continue into 2017, it may be a road travelled longer than usual… But, let’s remember that good things cannot be rushed! 😉

Embrace the journey

So why am I sharing this with you now? I know that it is not time for New Year’s Resolutions yet (those things never work anyway) but I am sharing this because we can set goals every day and with only 5 weeks left for 2016, now is the time to cross those t’s and dot those i’s. Forgive, let go and move on… 🙂

Many of us set goals and we feel bad when we do not reach them but I am here to tell you that it’s okay. Set the bar high to leave room for improvement. Sometimes it takes a bit longer or sometimes they weren’t meant to work out at all. I know that the butterfly analogy is cliche, but ask a butterfly if a tight space cannot help you reach your goals, I bet he (or she) will tell you that it’s the place of most constraint, yet also the place of the greatest accomplishment – newness! I believe that it is all about the journey. Embrace the journey and continue to learn and grow.

And for those of us who don’t set goals, I would like to encourage you to try. I was once told that there are three things that keep us from reaching our goals. Limitations, Intimidations and Expectations which equal LIE so don’t believe THAT LIE. Stay focused and chase Your dream!

What if the goal is REACHING and not arriving?… 🙂



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