Ginger and Tears

by Veruna Padayachee

I drift NOW
to an unspoken feeling, not in the past nor the future, never in the NOW.
somewhere in between that venn diagram
A feeling of unworthiness striking right through my diaphragm.
Fly away
My mind and and my heart pleads when I pray.
Let’s run away
Oh how those words have chosen me as it’s prey.
Crumble down
Crying is normal, I adorn a constant frown
Lucid sensations like pieces of ginger and sunlight through the glass pitcher bring my sweet eyes to a smile
But this lasts, just for a while…

Yes, those days exist. Horrible emotions, seasons of extreme sadness. We have those ltitle lucid sensations in between the storm, they make us realise how sadness can help us feel moments of the end of the day don’t we all want to just be happy blissfully. So appreciate your “ginger and sunlight” moments, appreciate the little things in life that make you smile. Yes! it’s not forever but it’s a step towards a type of bliss that last’s forever.

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