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It’s the month of the ladies. What makes you feel amazing? Is it your body weight, your profession or simply just being alive?

Society boxed us into believing a smaller shoe size or a smaller waistline is the key to glow. So many of us, even if we don’t say it, believe this notion. We look at ourselves and remember we are our worst critique, and will always find a flaw.

Are you the flaw in your own life? Do you contribute to your own misery by beating yourself up and never been able to feel good enough or have enough? Then this piece of writing needs to get you in reflection mode.

Too many of us rely on external validation to keep us going. We hear this hunger for validation in the daily questions that are being posed in households. Do these pants fit me better than that one? Look at my stomach, do you think that this skirt makes me look bigger?  And let someone just give an answer that is not fitting to our expectations. Then it’s crash diets, ditching carbs, increasing water intake – the list continues.

Let’s take time out and see ourselves through the lenses of enoughness ( if it’s even a word) but it just sounds so appropriate. Start being enough for yourself. Not having enough and not feeling enough is a daily struggling but being enough must be a daily attitude adjustment.

It is what it is. You are more than welcome to seek for enoughness. While you’re searching for it make a turn internally. There you will find an amazing being waiting to evolve into a life filled with being and not needing or wanting. 

Can we do this? Is it challenging? Are you ready to peel off the layers that made you feel like you’re not good enough?  ENOUGNESS can only make its presence known in the absence of all the baggage that we carry within ourselves daily. 

In the meantime, let’s reflect and journey with me. 


To the next piece of insightful reading.

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