Ellen: A must see!

by Guest Blogger

We finally went to watch the #ellenpakkies movie! This photo was taken before the movie (mind you this was more than a week or two ago, I just never had time to post). Ever since my husband and I saw the trailer we’ve been waiting patiently for the release of this movie. I was even more thrilled when my brother told Jill Levenberg about our clothing brand Kalathea_Clothing and that she loved our stuff so much that she decided to support an upcoming brand like ours.

❤ many thanks Jill!

Anyway back to the movie… if you haven’t watched it yet, please get yourself to a cinema and go and see it. I literally cried for the very first scene and then probably for about 90% of the rest of the movie, if not more, because as I’ve mentioned before on other social media accounts, it really hit home. Every single aggressive scene that “Abie” displayed reminded me of someone dear to me and seeing his aggression, confusion, transformation and pain, but also the things his mother went through broke my heart because I knew it was the reality of my loved ones too. I am so glad that finally, someone has really brought to light just how intense and heartbreaking these issues are in our communities.

After the movie was over I almost felt like this photo was not appropriate (especially me being so happy). In addition to this, I noted that many people in the cinema laughed at scenes which were heartbreaking to me and it made me wonder whether they were masking their pain and relation to the situation or whether they were so desensitized that they were literally laughing because they found it funny. I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to help change this horrible epidemic and have not reached a conclusion as yet, so for now I would just like to spread the word to please go and watch this movie and realise the reality of so many families in our communities.

Guest Post by Koebraa Peters Abbas

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