Don’t Just Strike Matches

by Chanté Classen
Strike matches, flames

Fellow SisterGirls!

It’s a new year (whoop whoop!) and ssooo many things have been happening in only the first few days of this New Year!

But if there is one thing I’ve learned amongst all the busyness, is that we should stop only striking matches!

So, what I mean by this is that often we think things, we feel things, we have epiphanies, but then we never actually execute them. It’s like we can have a great new business idea, or we finally realise what our passion is or even, in the spiritual world, the Holy Spirit tells us something or we feel something in our spirits, but then we do not take active steps! I call these experiences – striking matches!

Set the fire ablaze

Have you ever struggled to get a fire going – you light a match and find yourself blowing and burning more matches than the actual content (wood) of the fire. Many a time, this is what we do with our ideas. We spend more time sparking thoughts of an idea, but we never get the actual idea burning. Sadly, many of us never reach the place of seeing our fires blazing due to several reasons.

Match sticks were created as a tool to start a fire, similarly, our ideas could be the tool for little sparks to manifest into blazing fires! However, many of us let our flames die out before it even blazed!

So not to be cliché in any way (ah, that rhymes! Lol)

But allow this year to be one of the manifestation of flames, and not only insertion of sparks!

You don’t set a fire without first striking a match, so please understand that striking matches are good – in fact, it’s vital! But don’t just stay at the strike – ignite!

Much love,

SisterGirl 😊

Photo credits: IamHendrik

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