Do-over anyone?

by Perina Chitubura

Do you feel like you have messed up and can’t make things right? Do you feel like you’ve let yourself down? Do you feel like people are questioning your integrity?

Well it can all be rectified, but only by you.

Eat Humble-Pie

Before attempting a do-over, accept that you have made an error, only then can you learn the lessons that come with that particular failure.

Second chances

Only you can give yourself a second chance. You don’t need permission from anybody. When you open your eyes each morning, allow yourself to see new avenues and give yourself time to pursue them.

Shake off previous failures; after all don’t they say that experience is the best teacher? So why not take a lesson or two from your mistakes and move right along? Every new day is an opportunity to right your past wrongs and bury your ghosts.

There are people who enjoy pointing out your mistakes over and over again to try and bring you down. To them you must say ‘Gracias!’ for they are pointing out lessons and not failures.

Go ye and conquer the world!

Breathe in new opportunities, they are everywhere! Fresh starts are all around you. Go for what you truly want and be happy while you do it.

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