by Perina Chitubura

Today she is happy, for she has understood what she is dealing with. She has finally accepted that she has settled for less in the past. It’s been bothering her for years and she hasn’t known what it was.

She couldn’t fight it before because she didn’t understand what was wrong, but today she knows. She can now tell what a silly excuse is so she won’t take those anymore. She can now identify a lie therefore she will spot it a mile away. They will not waste her time because she knows what time-wasters look like. Neither of them will take advantage of her again because she’s been there before.

This is not the time to fight or try and wriggle out of the situation, today is just a day of discovery. She will simply enjoy the power that comes through her new-found knowledge. Today is her day of discovery, a day of empowerment. After today she knows that she will never settle for less again. She will only take what is good enough for her. Those who have been telling her that less is more can have less; she is definitely going for more.

Today is a good day!

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