Death, Where is your sting?

by Gigi Kotze

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55, NLT)

One afternoon, I sat at my computer, on Facebook, in my pyjamas, and I heard my gate rattling with vigour. Before I could even get off my chair, a friend that lived around the corner came running into my house in a complete panic and with tears flowing. It took me at least a few minutes before I could understand what she was trying to tell me. I could hardly believe what she said, and I found myself in the same state of panic. Without a moment to lose, we ran down the road.

We approached a huge bus that was standing still. To the right was a large group of people, encircling someone. As we wiggled our way through the crowd and my eyes recognised my best friend lying on the ground with a pool of blood around her head, my world fell apart… She was 18 years old when she passed away. She didn’t even have a matric ball or graduate high school. We had planned our futures together – we were going to study to become air hostesses and travel the world. “What now?” I thought to myself. All my plans were gone in an instant. My world was shattered and I was left with no best friend, and no future… All I had left was God. And God comforted me during this time of grieving.

I had one of two choices: I could be angry and bitter towards God, or I could submit to His plan and believe that He can use all things for good. I chose to truly believe the latter. Through my best friend’s death, God gave me purpose in Him and drew me closer to Him. My relationship with God blossomed during this trying time, and God used my best friend’s story for His glory. I came to know my Lover in the deepest, darkest parts of my life. Through my best friend’s death, I realised that life is short. We have to make each day count and there is something greater than just living to die… there has to be more. I am thankful to God for her life and His faithfulness in saving her about a week before she passed away. These events played a major part in my journey in getting to know Christ more intimately, birthing in me a desire to honour God in every aspect of my life.

May you embrace the trials and hardships that life may send, knowing that you are in the hands of the Almighty God. May you know His comfort like never before during the darkest times of your life.

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