Dear Me

by Guest Blogger

I know I can be stubborn.

As stubborn as I am, please promise me this:

You will always look for the positive. For the good. For the gold. For the hopeful. Promise me you’ll avoid the negative, you’ll refrain from dwelling on the mistakes the wrongs and the misfortunes that come your way. Promise me that you will choose to see the good, even when this means you may sound a little insane in the midst of those around you.
Jocelyne, promise me. Promise me to stay true to your values and what you believe to be right regardless of how difficult it may seem. Even though your previous choices still proved failure to the standards you have set for yourself- Get back up. Tell me you will keep your end of the bargain without stopping to gaze at what others are doing. Promise me your character will not be defined in the shadow of another.

Promise me, to never ever betray what keeps you awake at night. Honey, I have seen your journey, I feel your pain, I understand your passion. It is a blazing fire that just doesn’t run out. Promise me you’ll work relentlessly to give the world what was given to you. Promise me to work day and night to show the world that anyone can be somebody because you did it too. Do not ever give in.

My beloved. Promise me you will love like crazy. Fall in love and it’s okay if you get a little heartbroken- you’ll be fine! Promise me you’ll avoid drama and just be real. Promise me to value the people God has blessed you with more than the unending demand at work in the cooperate world. Promise me to set your priorities right, to never have regrets about how you’ve spent your time when you finally reach the finish line. Promise me to be your best version of a mother if you ever become one. 

Most importantly, convene with me that you will never detach yourself from your source. The supreme sovereign king of the world that formed you, delighted and amazed by the way you are is the architect of your pride and confidence- cherish that. Promise me to never forget that He is the reason you are here, never forget to leave your battles, fears, and shame at His feet. He and only He should come first!

Just that. 

When you live up to these promises you allow those that look up to you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Look around, there are those that can and are willing to help you stick to this trail. Those are the people you need to walk with. To accomplish this you need all the help you can get.

I am rooting for you. Because I know, someday the person you could have become will meet the person you became. And I want you to hold your head high during this encounter.

Until next time

Published by Guest Blogger – Jocelyne Msigwa

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