Create Your Happiness

by Shanal Govender

Sometimes (maybe most times) you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You want to be happy, yet the more you try to smile, the more empty you become.

Life is tough, mostly because we have too many expectations. We push ourselves and compare our lives to others’. Social media may have brought the world together, and while being together is the greatest experience a human could want, it can also lead to intense jealousy and feelings of not being adequate. So what should we do when we feel that hole in our souls?

I would say, accept it! Once we realise that we are unhappy and the reason for it, then we can begin to find solutions. And the solution begins with us. We need to replenish our energy. It’s okay to not smile at everyone all the time. Sometimes we need to receive goodness and love too. So if you’re reading this and you’re feeling down, then allow yourself to completely feel that emotion. Feel it so strongly that you yourself want to break out of it. And you’ll see there would always be support from others to help you do that. Remember we can only feel and appreciate the high of happiness if we’ve experienced the lows of unhappiness.

Embrace your light and let it shine and remember I believe in you just as I believe in me.

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