Chirps of hope

by Veruna Padayachee

A moment I cannot feel or see. I can hear!
Hear the seven birds chirping on the windowsill of my heart.
One little birdie slowly showed itself falling apart.
For the first time, a bird showed me it’s broken wings.
My heart started feeling things.
My mind ran as fast as it could but my heart screamed as loud as it could.
Listen carefully my heart said, sounds so much like you it’s beats said.
It’s melodies resonate, comforting me slowly with the magic it’s chirps create.
It sang a song of hope and shielded my open wounds with its feathered cloak.
It Grew back it’s wings.
Wings which at once were sharp edged feathers, are now as soft as clouds on a fine days weather.  The seven birds sang to me in seven shades.
Each shade colouring my life surrounded by sharp edged blades.
Now I have tales of all colours to tell.
Just like the bird that fell.

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