“Cherries” every moment, every person

by Chanell Classen

So, I suppose this is the time of year where we look back and think about all of the good moments, the ones that make us feel warm and fuzzy; and even the bad ones – which we hopefully learned from. We should cherish/cherries (lol) those moments because they are now beautiful memories that cannot be rewritten or rehearsed or redone. They are gone and some forgotten along the way.

Last week, my dear friend, Astrid, invited myself and another dear SisterGirl, Salwah to her house in Ceres.

Ceres is such a beautiful klein dorpie! I am from Cape Town, more specifically the Cape flats (Bonteheuwel) so I have fallen in love with the warm smiles from caring strangers in small towns. They make my heart so happy!

The Dennebos

Astrid had planned a whole itinerary for our  3-day stay. We spent an afternoon at The Dennebos holiday resort (which means Pine Forest, for those English-speaking people) where we enjoyed a picnic, laughing and swimming. While walking through the forest, I reminisced about my holiday spent there with my best friend about 13 years ago and I also recalled one important thing my dad taught me, and that was to choose my friends wisely. But we can talk about choosing friends on another day.

Anyway, Dennebos is definitely a good family holiday spot located at the foot of the beautiful Skurweberg where there is something for everyone to do. There are chalets, camping spots, swimming pools, Putt-putt, trampolines, parks, a beautiful river and so much more!

The Pink Lady

The following day, we went for coffee at The Pink Lady which is such a beautiful, rustic looking coffee shop, perfect for coffee/tea dates with the ladies. We spent most of the time marvelling at the creative decor, laughing, chatting and playing around with Snapchat filters.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

This was followed by cherry picking at the Klondyke Cherry farm. This was a wonderful experience where I had a bit of a deep revelation-moment. When we looked at the trees as we started, they did not look like fruitful orchards, but rather green, fruitless, leafy trees… until we went closer, I saw the most beautiful shades of red cherries. I have learned that this is much like the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” analogy. We have our own prejudices and opinions about others when we haven’t even taken the time to get to know them. What also came to mind was, when we are overwhelmed by a particular situation, the view looks very different from the inside than the outside. Sometimes all we need to do is change our perspective and we’ll see things clearer.

So, remember:

  1. Visit Ceres, one of the most beautiful, fruitful towns.
  2. Choose your friends wisely (Thank you, Astrid and Salwah ;))
  3. Follow the Klondyke Cherry farm link above
  4. Stop with the prejudices. Get to know somebody before judging them.
  5. Cherries/cherish every moment while you make beautiful memories!

Happy holidays!! 🙂



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