Bravery Will Release You From Slavery

by Chanté Classen

I’ve been thinking of this concept for quite some time. For the longest of time now, I have been feeling like I was engulfed in a perpetuating cycle of ‘nothingness’. Yes, I went to varsity, then I wrote my exams and now I’m on holiday, but most of the days I’ve just been feeling SO DRAINED AND FATIGUE when I was actually doing NOTHING. It was the craziest phenomenon.

I was tired of being tired.

Alan Knott-Craig Jnr said that we need to use all opportunities in the day. Get as much done as possible. We only have 24 hours! And also, we NEED TO GROW. “There is only one way to wash away your mistakes – growth. Growth solves all problems. People love growth. If you growing, you’re doing something right”. When people see growth, automated bravery is seen too.

Because of being so lethargic I decided that it can just not go on anymore! To my dismay, I got this epiphany to start CODING!!! LIKE, HOW THOUGH?? I’ve been told about it and seen it before but it all looked so complex that I did not even want to begin to understand just what all those numbers, letters and symbols meant. It was in that moment that I had realised that challenging yourself to being brave could release you from being enslaved. Being struck by those words “Bravery will release you from slavery” I was then reminded of a few (out of many) people who stood-out for their bravery which released them from slavery:

  1. Nelson Mandela – a great warrior of our country. His bravery to oppose Apartheid led him to be incarcerated for 27 years! Thus, releasing the WHOLE NATION FROM SLAVERY – to bondage of the Apartheid system.


  1. David – a shepherd boy who was brave enough to take on a giant which lead him to becoming a king. Had he not been brave enough to take on the giant, Goliath, he would have most likely remained a shepherd boy.


  1. Esther – (I could not be patriarchal so I decided to add this brave maiden too). A beautiful young maiden willing to sacrifice her life for her people. By submitting to the authority of her uncle and her belief in God, she found favour with a king who wanted to destroy all her people – the Jews.  Therefore, her bravery (to marry the king and obey her uncle) allowed her people to not be destroyed.


In my slavery of tiredness and doing the ‘norm’, I’ve decided to challenge myself to do crazy and brave things such as coding. Dare yourself to pursuit the unknown and allow your bravery to release you from your slavery!

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