Body Positivity

by Perina Chitubura

We’ve all heard about how positive thoughts attract positive energy and consequently how positive energy makes our everyday lives easier.

It all sounds simple until you realise that there are people out there who are not even positive about their own bodies. So how do they get to think positive thoughts when they can’t be positive about their looks?

Everyone has at least one thing that they do not like about their body, it could be a crooked nail, where a hairline starts or a foot size. But believe it or not there are people who hate their whole bodies from top to bottom. Seeking confirmation from others when they should be busy loving themselves is the major problem with people who hate their looks to that extent.

Whether people say you’re too skinny, too plump or too tall check how you feel about it before accepting their criticism; you might actually be ok with how you’re built regardless of what they say.

 There are some things we can’t change at all, what I suggest is that we own those flaws and make them our trademarks. Be proud of what you have and you’ll realise that those around you won’t notice you have flaws. If you can’t change something don’t highlight it’s negative side rather embrace it.

I have seen people turn to diets, exercise and surgery to better their looks, which is fine when done for the right reasons. Do it because you want to, not because your friends or spouse want you to change. If done for the wrong reasons, you will only live to regret it. What happens when those people are no longer in your life after you’ve undergone surgery so that they could accept you?

Everyone is different and if those around you can’t accept you for who and what you look like then move on. There’s no need to stick around people who bring you down because they have a different body to yours.

 At the end of the day what we look like doesn’t really matter, it’s what’s inside that matters and we need to love our bodies and nurture the good I believe we all have inside.

By Guest Blogger: Perina Chitubura

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