Believe in yourself

by Perina Chitubura

I remember a childhood story in which an ant managed to kill an elephant. It goes a little something like this: The ant went up the elephant’s trunk (I should have asked why ha-ha) which caused him discomfort. 

The elephant could not stand the tickling sensation he got as the ant walked around in his trunk. He banged himself against every tree he came across until he eventually died from exhaustion.

Moral of the story; appearances don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or color a person is, our ability to achieve anything is found within. I’m sure it was extremely scary and dark inside the elephant’s trunk but the ant stayed. 

Whenever you feel like that little ant in the elephant’s trunk, you must remember to look deep within to find the strength to conquer. Trees will be shaken because of you and elephants will fall.

Be like that ant!

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