Beat Procrastination Now

by Perina Chitubura

Procrastination – that little voice that keeps telling us that it’s okay to put off doing what we should do today. It keeps whispering that we should relax and wait until the last minute and that we don’t need to be on time for anything.

It promotes laziness, and leads us to making mistakes and it is really the thief of time. It’s very easy to lose focus in this fast paced age we live in.

I have come up with a little plan to help beat procrastination.

 Make a list

I used to laugh at people who had a to-do list but eventually I realised that it works well. It’s a guideline that you can easily go back to. It works well if you put everything in order of importance or colour code stuff that can be done on certain days.


Realise what’s important and acknowledge that it’s important. If for instance cleaning the house is more important than going to the mall, then one should work in that order. Get the house clean first then leave for the mall. With clear cut priorities we should be able to get things done when they should be done.

Learn to say no

We all have a tendency to try and please others before checking if what they want works for us. We don’t always have to say yes to others to prove that we are good friends. We can say no if we have important things to do.

Learn from your mistakes

If you made plans to clean the house last month but didn’t get to completing them because you invited a friend, invite the friend after the house is clean this time. The less the distractions you have, the better.

Many people later on look back at the things they should have done and ask themselves what got in the way.

At the end of the day we realise that what distracted us didn’t really matter and it could have waited. Beating procrastination simply means realising what’s important at the right time and following through.

Guest Blogger: Perina Chitubura

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