Afro Sisters: Relaxer for what? Salon for who?

by Guest Blogger

As CIC Julius Malema and his comrades are busy preaching about the expropriation of land without compensation, it got me thinking… oh my – my  brain is lit! I got them nerves on over time. I have some of the best conversations with myself.

Sisters… we have been promoting a form of expropriation.

OMG we’re sellouts! (Let it just sink in, boo). Girlfriend’s been bleaching and dying for the what? To promote propaganda babes!! How? Why? And who benefited?

White Monopoly capitalists and the Gupta’s “weaves” (the leeches of leeching) stripped us the rights to explore our genetically inherited resources – our natural hair! They manufactured the relaxer creams, monopolized majority of the factories and laboratories, limiting our creativity on products for our genes.  As monopoly means “sole”, they literally predominate the investors circle and without them, your products rarely mount to anything. Imagine the irony – we don’t own our land, resources and even rights to our identity! We are programmed and modified to their satisfaction! We are told that the definition of beauty is not the reflection we see. Our reflection is conformed by permission and compensation. It’s called business. Not forgetting salons which have been expropriating our authentic, rich, beautiful, indigenous pride and natural crown (with compensation)! Girls, they have been enriching themselves with our genetically gained resources!!

Sisters!! What a shame. We literally take ourselves, with our own two feet, to expropriate our most valuable treasure – our genes. How is it that we barely even wear or own our originality?! The 24th of September is the only time generations on generations are allowed to be themselves – unequivocal. One day is apparently enough. Our values and morality are being modified by classifying being normally appealing with weaves and relaxed hair. We are told, not asked, to be subjected to do without our values simply to please the standards of society as they are the definition of normalcy on earth.

“Bantu hair” or  “that thing” as they say. CEO’s are being ridicule by their counterparts’ standards of what’s beautiful or more appropriate for blue collar corporates. It’s definitely not Afro-girls. Our natural crown is seen as messy and unprofessional! Girl, think about it, why do we always have to conform to their definition of normal?  Why is the standards of normal or appropriate never at our margin? Why is being natural not sexy enough or celebrated as a collective by women??

Of course African attire is seen as tribalism and definitely unethical behavior in the work place!!

Afro Sisters: How to begin your journey to attain your crown …

  • Girl do yourself a huge favour – study your hair & teach yourself how to be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Own it sister boss – rock that fro, style it and embrace it. Feel yourself girls! It’s not embarrassing to be an African queen!
  • Share with your children & friends about valuing their fro’s. Host the likes of informative Mini Afro-Sisters picnic sessions in your neighborhood, at work during lunch, girl! Hustle; Even go to schools to spread the word!

Establish a whole club by creating a positive circle/tribe of woman celebrating “buhle bethu” – our beauty. A sisterhood that cultivates margins!

Afro Sisters : Sebenza ” work” girl put in the effort

  • Research on research!! Teacher yourself how to braid, moisturize and stay hydrated. Know your hair type, boo!
  • Caution Alert: Always read the ingredients of each and every product applied on any part of your body. Be woke. Cautious nature prim healthy hair.
  • Invest your salon allowance in a stokvel, brainstorm and cultivate each other’s scalps by literally building an empire!
  • It’s highly therapeutic to massage your hair and scalp. It promotes growth, blood flow…etc
  • Be proud of your crown! Let it inspire your hustle for healthy living. You might be a mogul who has not yet tapped into the right vines.

I call this phase and movement – “Crowning Your Throne” on your terms .

“Our children’s children deserve to inherit our genetic resources on our terms”



By guest blogger: Samkelisiwe Valerie Leonel Zulu

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