A Blast of Colour

by Chanté Classen

Her story is like nail polish on a nail – the end result is one of sheer perfection.

She is combined with many coats and she is polished with many assorted colours and hews.

The layers indicate her wholesome, rich nature. It reflects her many different personas.

However, there are times that they chip and crack. And is simply pure imperfection.


Those many different phases of nail lacquer are an indication of her different life phases.

They all require time and effort to look appealing again.

She cracks.

But then is made whole again.

She is sculpted by the sculptor.

She can be a sister, a friend, a daughter, a mother, a wife and a kickass woman!

She applies coats of love, coats of compassion, coats of gentleness, coats of fierceness and coats of strength.

And Just as she applies the different coats of nail vanish, so she applies different coats of character.

Her nails are made to pierce the foes who are against her loved ones, yet they withhold the same power to caress, gently, those same loved ones.

She is simply a blast of colour.

Emanating a warmth of grace,

 propagating shades of hews, covered in strength and dignity.

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