5 Lessons from Lion King

by Guest Blogger

For many, the remake of the Lion King has not been one of the best decisions made and neither enjoyed by most prominent Lion King fans. However, if like me, you’d probably enjoy the movie the most when pondering on the positive lessons. Here are some key lessons:

1. Lies are whispered in isolation

In the early stage of the movie, we get to witness the scene where Scar, after killing Mufasa, whispers a lie along with an instruction to Simba. Mufasa has Simba believing the lie that he is responsible for the death of his dad and instructs him to leave the land. All the above transpires in isolation, eventually leading Simba astray. If taken back to the garden in the book of Genesis, we also notice how the enemy whispered lies that led Eve astray, in isolation. What are the lies that have been told to you in isolation that could have led you astray?

2. Good friends won’t always feed you the CORRECT food that you need.

Simba had great friends who saved and looked after him even though it costed them to risk their own lives. However, the same friends that saved him were not able to feed him the type of food that he was created to feed off. Instead, his friends fed him what they knew as a meal to them – insects. Just because you grew up with them does not mean you are to eat with them. God has placed a warrior inside of you that is to never hunger nor thirst but to manifest His divine will for your life. It’s not always your purpose that’s not discovered. It could be your food and your circle of friends that need to be reassessed.

3. Don’t discard what you hear for what you know

We notice a scene where Nala tries to encourage Simba to return to the land that he was destined to rule and reign. However, the lifestyle he had adopted became a stumbling block between himself and destiny. Simba had discarded the very words heard by Nala for what he knew growing up. Could your upbringing or adopted lifestyle be a stumbling block to where you are finding yourself?

4. A revelation of identity will springboard you to destiny.

Nala’s words were not enough to break the comfortable lifestyle in which Simba was trapped. Breakthrough only came once Simba had received a revelation of his identity through the prompting and guiding of Rafiki. Once Simba realised whose image he bore, stepping into destiny became easier. Simba heard the voice from his father, revealing who he is. Jesus heard the voice from His Father, revealing who He is. You will never be able to break out of your comfort zone if you don’t know who you are.

5. Do not conform when you are meant to lead

Simba so easily settled and conformed in a land that was not purposed for him. Simba was created and designed to lead, yet for most of his life, he had conformed to what was familiar. Once Simba stepped into his purpose, the very people he had conformed to became the same people he began to lead. The answer to people around you might just be sitting inside of you. Conforming can become more costly than the responsibility of leading.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the lessons shared. If you have any lessons to share, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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